Delivery policy

When a customer completes a Tour Purchase/Tour Registration transaction on the company's website system, the customer is considered to have read and agreed to the program content, service quality standards and terms of use. Services that our company has published in detail on the website.

After receiving payments from customers, our company will confirm service provision in the form of email or via the Zalo/Viber application that the customer has provided no later than the same day or so. in the early morning of the next working day (if the customer pays through the banking system after 4:30 p.m.). Sending the Booking Confirmation via email or via Zalo/Viber is considered that our company has notified and fulfilled its service confirmation obligation to the customer.
Refunds and tour postponement/cancellation will be made according to the company's tour postponement/cancellation policy officially published on the website from time to time.