Instructions for booking tours online

To book and pay for tours online at T&T Media Tourism, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Please carefully study the tour information and sales policies that the company has announced on the website
Step 2: Select departure date and press the "Book tour" button
Step 3: Determine the number of reservations according to the correct criteria: Adults, children and babies corresponding to age
Step 4: Fill in the information of the person making the reservation and relevant members according to the instructions in the form
Step 5: Select booking location
Step 6: Choose payment method by bank transfer or credit card (Master/Visa/JCB) at VNPay payment page
Step 7: Make payment according to instructions and receive email notification from our company
Step 8: After receiving payment from the customer, the company will issue a Confirmation and send it via email or (Zalo/Viber) to the customer on the same day. In case of payment after 4:30 p.m., you will receive a Booking Confirmation in the early morning of the next working day.

Note: At the same time, if there are 2 duplicate booking transactions due to technical problems and unintended by T&T Media Tourism, the earliest successful payment transaction will be given priority. For transactions that have been successfully recorded by the system but have duplicate booking locations, T&T Media Tourism will notify you to change the booking location or receive a refund of 100% if there is no longer a suitable location.