Tour code: DALO


  • Tour price: 11,990,000 VND
  • Departure day:
  • Time: 5 days 4 nights
  • Departure from: City. Ho Chi Minh
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- Visit Da Lieu Geopark
- Admire Phat Quang Son Tu
- Admire the Spring and Autumn Monument and the Dragon and Tiger Tower
- Make your own pineapple cakes at Vigor Kobo Golden Pineapple Castle
- Stroll around the Old Quarter and release wind lanterns to pray for family blessings
- Visit Taipei 101 tower and Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall
- Explore local cuisine: milk tea, fried chicken, stinky tofu...

- 1 Shabu Shabu Buffet "Qian Ye Hot Pot"
- Thien Dang Lantern at Thap Part Old Quarter (04 guests/lamp)
- Cruise tickets around Nhat Nguyet Dam
- Tickets to visit Da Lieu Geopark